Myanmar coup: China refuses to support Myanmar coup as protests outside Chinese embassy in Yangon

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China, fearing opposition from the people of Myanmar, refuses to support the coup, China said – false rumors have been spread against us on social media.
China has turned around the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council to block the resolution against Myanmar. China has categorically denied ever supporting a military coup in Myanmar. Indeed, China is amazed by the frequent demonstrations in front of its embassy in Rangoon. Protesters claim China aided the Burmese military in the coup.

What is China afraid of in Myanmar
China is concerned that anti-Chinese sentiment is building up among the people of Myanmar. In such a situation, China can not only damage the Belt and Road Initiative campaign, but can also shatter the dream of encircling India in the east. China is heavily invested in Myanmar, including road construction as well as port development. Myanmar’s democratic government has been angered by the Chinese government for not approving its plans.

People said – support Myanmar, not dictator rulers
According to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post, pro-democracy protesters, demonstrating outside the Chinese embassy in Yangon, have called on Beijing to stop supporting the military. In Myanmar, the military arrested several prominent leaders on February 1, including Aung San Suu Kyi. According to the newspaper, the protesters were holding placards that read: “Support Myanmar, not dictator leaders” and “Stop helping the army.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry provided clarification
A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry was questioned at a press conference on Thursday over allegations of support for the coup. To that he said that you said that rumors were spreading in Myanmar. it’s just. Some say China is behind this. However, our Ambassador to Myanmar made China’s position known and denied the rumors.

China said – Rumor has spread through social media
A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that I would like to reiterate that the rumor has spread on social media. These people want to create a conflict between the two countries. China had close ties to the Myanmar military when it ruled the country for more than two decades. China has also denied having any prior information about the coup.

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