Myanmar coup: Myanmar cybersecurity bill adds to protests against military coup: Myanmar military enacts cybersecurity law to silence opponents

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Myanmar army drafts cybersecurity bill to suppress voices of democracy supporters in Myanmar Voices of protest against Myanmar’s new law around the world
Demonstrations have started in Myanmar against the cybersecurity bill. There are fears that this law will not be used to protect privacy but to crush discontent. Human rights activists issued a statement Friday calling on the country’s military rulers to overturn the rule of law and end internet restrictions after the February military coup.

Matthew Bagher, Article 19 group Asia program manager, issued a statement condemning the plan. The Open Net Association and the International Commission of Jurists also condemned the proposed implementation of the law. Bagher said the bill reflected the military’s intention to “permanently end internet freedom in the country.”

Internet service providers and others have had until February 15 to respond to the proposed legislation. “This suggests that controlling cyberspace is one of the main priorities of the Myanmar military,” said Sam Jarifi, secretary general of the International Commission of Jurists. The army was illegally overthrown last week and came to power.

Geoff Payne, chief executive of Asia Internet Coalition, a group of global Internet companies, said the legislation gives the military unprecedented power to “control civilians and violate their privacy, by disobeying democratic rules and to fundamental rights granted by international law. ” Telenor of Norway, a mobile service provider, said it was facing a lot of confusion.

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