Myanmar coup protest: Myanmar coup Latest news Over 80 killed in military crackdown in Bago: 82 protesters killed in Myanmar army fire

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82 protesters killed in Myanmar army fire, total number approaching 700
Myanmar security forces killed at least 82 democracy supporters protesting the military coup on Friday. It is the second highest number of casualties in a single day, according to reports from an organization that monitors the number of protesters killed and local media. Protests against the military continue in Myanmar even after such a high number of deaths.

82 protesters died in the town of Bago
It is said that 82 protesters were killed on Friday in the action of the security forces in the town of Bago. Earlier, on March 14, more than 100 people were killed in Yangon. Bago is about 100 kilometers from Yangon. However, these figures could not be independently verified due to the violent atmosphere that has spread across the country.

The protests did not stop even after the deaths
According to preliminary data compiled by the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners, the death toll is 82. This organization releases a number of dead and arrested people every day. These numbers are generally considered reliable as new cases of death are not included until they are confirmed and reported on the site.

Military action after Myanmar coup, protest death toll rises
Estimates of increasing death toll
The organization said in Saturday’s report that it fears the death toll in Bago may rise further, as more cases have yet to be verified. The online news website Myanma Now also reported 82 deaths. Meanwhile, across Myanmar, the number of protesters killed in police gunfire is approaching 700.

World troubled by worsening situation in Myanmar
The worsening situation in Myanmar worries the international community. Especially after the deaths of 110 people in a single day on March 27, concern has grown dramatically. The European Union has called it a day of terror. Recent major atrocities against supporters of democracy have been observed in South Dugan County, Yangon. Here, people who see a scary sight with their eyes say that over the past two days the military has carried out a special campaign in the area which has led to total panic.

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