Myanmar coup unfolds Women’s aerobics video goes viral: Woman doing aerobics in Myanmar, military occupies country’s parliament, watch Mahaviral video

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In Myanmar, the army overthrew and detained Aung Sang Suu Kyi on Monday. Live video of the time the Burmese army was toppled in the country has gone viral. In this video, a woman is doing aerobics in front of Parliament. And the army is taking over
Myanmar’s army was overthrown again on Monday and placed in the custody of the country’s leader, Aung Sang Soo. Live video of the time the Burmese army was overthrown in the country can now be seen on social media. In this live video, a woman takes aerobics classes in front of Myanmar’s parliament and army vehicles move to take over from the parliament behind.

This video shared on Twitter has been viewed over 8 million times to date. This video has been tweeted 36,000 times and has been enjoyed by millions of people. It is seen in the video that the woman continued to do aerobics amid the fast-paced music and the military occupied Parliament. The woman could not even find out that there had been a coup in the country. The name of this woman is described as Khing Hanin Wei. They say she is a physical education teacher.

Detained several leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi
Previously, the Burmese military overturned the coup on Monday and arrested several leaders, including top leader Aung San Suu Kyi. These vicissitudes are considered very important for this Southeast Asian nation moving towards democracy. The military coup in this country, which has been under military rule for five decades, has been condemned by various countries and organizations around the world and has demanded the release of the detained leaders.

Army-owned ‘Mayawadi TV’ reported Monday morning that Army Chief General Min Aung Laing had taken control of the country for a year. The statement referred to the part of the draft army constitution that allows the military to take control of the country into its hands in the event of a national emergency. He said the coup was due to the government taking no action on allegations of military fraud in the elections held in November last year and the government failing to take any action. had not postponed the elections despite the Corona virus crisis.

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