Myanmar military coup: Russia warns of sanctions against Myanmar, says civil conflict will begin: Russia warns of sanctions against Myanmar

Russia is warning the world that it should avoid sanctions against the Myanmar military. Russia has warned that if punitive measures are implemented against the junta in Myanmar, it could spark a massive civil war in the country. Explain that the United States and European countries have imposed many significant sanctions against the military regime in Myanmar. US President Joe Biden has warned in no uncertain terms that we will now be announcing tougher restrictions.

The threat and sanctions will make matters worse
The Interfax news agency quoted a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying there was no future for the use of threats and coercion with restrictions on current Myanmar officials. . This in itself is a very dangerous thing for Myanmar. The spokesperson, referring to Myanmar’s old name, said such policies were pushing Burma into a full-fledged civil war.

More than 550 people have died to date
Protests have continued since the military coup in Myanmar in February last year. To date, more than 550 people have died in clashes between the military and protesters. It is said that several thousand people were also injured by the brutal police action. More than 550 people have died in the anti-coup unrest, according to a local watch group.

46 children among those killed
The human rights organization “Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners” said on Saturday that there were 46 children among the dead. About 2,751 people were arrested or punished. Threats of deadly violence and arrests of protesters in Myanmar have failed to quell protests calling on the military to relinquish power and re-establish the democratically elected government.

Biden condemns Myanmar military again
Joe Biden has expressed strong resentment over the killing of civilians involved in protests against the coup by security forces in Myanmar. Biden said on Sunday: ‘It’s scary. It is total cruelty. And according to the news I received, a large number of people were needlessly killed. He said: “The Burmese army has taken an absurd and barbaric stance on the National Day of the country’s armed forces and has claimed hundreds of lives. It was the bloodiest day since the junta’s illegal military coup.

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