Myanmar military crackdown on 500 protesters killed in anti-coup movement: Myanmar military has killed 500 so far, people protesting by throwing rubbish on the streets

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The death toll in the ongoing protests in Myanmar has risen to more than 500. Now people are committing civil disobedience by throwing rubbish in the streets, NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been under house arrest since then. February 1.
The number of pro-democracy protesters who died in the ongoing protests against Myanmar’s February 1 military coup has exceeded 500. A monitoring group released the information on Tuesday. Another 14 people died at the hands of security forces on Monday, according to a DPA news agency report, and the Assistant Association of Political Prisoners (AAPP) has so far reported a nationwide death toll of 510. According to the Reuters news agency, people are now leading a civil disobedience movement by dumping garbage in the streets.

The worsening situation in Myanmar worries the international community. Especially after the deaths of 110 people in a single day on March 27, concern has grown dramatically. The European Union has called it a “day of terror”. Recent major atrocities against supporters of democracy have been observed in South Dugan County, Yangon. People who see a scary sight with their eyes here say that over the past two days the military has carried out a special campaign in the area which has caused panic throughout the locality.

Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest from February 1
The Nationalities General Strike Committee, one of the main protest groups, on Monday urged Myanmar’s ethnic armed groups to speak out in favor of the protesters. On Tuesday, three of these groups took note of this call. In a joint statement, he strongly condemned the actions of the military and said they shared their sympathies with family members of those fighting for Myanmar.

The Myanmar Democratic Alliance National Army, Palaung State Liberation Front and Rakhine Army said in a statement: “The army must immediately stop its attacks and engage in political dialogue.” . The army has established its control in the Southeast Asian country for the moment and Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the ruling National League for Democracy party, has been under house arrest since February 1.

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