Myanmar Military Terrorist Organization: Demonstration in Myanmar: Army firing bullets at civilians in Myanmar, MPs declared terrorist organization – protests in Myanmar ousted Lawmakers declare army a terrorist organization

Burmese lawmakers have said the country’s military is a terrorist organization, firing bullets at ordinary citizens demonstrating in support of democracy. Brutal military repression continues in the country following the February 1 coup, but the public does not bow to the junta and a series of vigorous protests continues. Dozens of people have so far been killed in the action of security forces in Myanmar.

Myanmar MPs have declared the State Admiration Council a terrorist group. He is accused of shooting, beating and arresting demonstrators. Against the military coup in Myanmar, people again took to the streets of several cities on Tuesday as security forces fired tear gas at protesters in Yangon, the country’s largest city.

The protests come at a time when foreign ministers from Southeast Asian countries stand ready to meet to discuss the country’s political crisis. A special meeting of the “Organization of Southeast Asian Nations” is proposed against a backdrop of worsening violence in Myanmar. The country’s new military regime stepped up the use of force against protesters over the weekend. At the same time, after the February 1 coup, a large number of people were arrested for crushing the demonstration demanding the reinstatement of the elected government of Suu Kyi.

An official with the United Nations Human Rights Office said there was “solid information” that at least 18 people were killed and more than 30 injured in Sunday’s crackdown on protesters protesting against the coup in Myanmar. According to the independent non-profit organization “Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners”, authorities also detained more than a thousand people over the weekend. Among the detainees are at least seven journalists, including Thein Zaw of the Associated Press.

At least more than 20 journalists have been arrested since the coup in Myanmar. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on Tuesday in the Haledon district of Yangon, where police had previously fired tear gas shells. Many protesters arrived here with helmets. To prevent security forces from advancing to stop and drive them away, they built barricades using bamboo and debris. These demonstrators shouted slogans and went to the police lines. Tear gas shells were also fired at protesters on Tuesday, after which many protesters first left, but then returned to their blockers.

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