Myanmar Nun Photo: Myanmar Nun Kneeling In Front Of Police Viral Photo Of Violence: Photo Of Sister In Front Of Police Amid Violence In Myanmar Viral

The army stood with its arms out front. Demonstrators protest against the attack on democracy in the country. Sister Anne Rosa was in the middle and knew what to do. Sister Rosa sat in a white and black dress and sat in the middle of the road, begging not to shoot. Many protesters have been killed in violent protests since the coup in Myanmar. On Monday, two lives were lost and in such a situation Sister Rosa’s goal was to save lives, regardless of her life. Moreover, this photo taken on the occasion of International Women’s Day has become an example.

‘I have to cross’

On February 28, Sister Rosa stood in front of the police courageously. When authorities opened fire on protesters on Monday, she again reached the frontlines without worrying about her life. He told officials, “If you have to do this, you will have to go through me.” Sister Rosa told Sky News that the security forces acted at noon, so I begged them not to shoot people, not to arrest them. With that, the police also knelt in front of them and started saying that they should do this to stop the protest.

The administration is not opposed to the dismissal

After that, tear gas was introduced, and Sister Rosa’s health also began to deteriorate. Then a man was shot. He said she couldn’t see who fired, but hoped the officers he spoke to hadn’t fired. Demonstrations have continued in Myanmar since February 1, during which the military administration does not back down. So far, 50 protesters have died. According to the United Nations Rights Office, 18 people were killed last Sunday and 38 died on Wednesday.

Public and junta face to face

Police in the capital, Nedidaw, fired tear gas at protesters to disperse the crowd of thousands. Thousands of protesters gathered in Mandalay but managed to escape after hearing from the police and army using force. On the other hand, the local community of Tanintharayi sent the Karen National Police to support the protesters. The armed forces also had assault rifles and marched in troops. KNPF has been calling for autonomy from central government for decades. Its political and armed factions have been very active.

International criticism but the action continues

Police occupied hospitals and university campuses on Sunday and arrested hundreds of people involved in protests against the military coup. In Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, security forces opened fire with heavy weapons for the second night in a row since the curfew began at 8 p.m. Protesters demand the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders. Due to the coup and the violence, many countries and international organizations around the world have banned Burmese military leaders. Recently, Australia also decided to end defense cooperation with Myanmar.

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