Myanmar protester dies: anger in Myanmar as protester dies with police bullet

Strong points:

The protest intensified after the coup in Myanmar; the death of the protester increases again due to the fall of Bawalpani;
The woman, who was injured by police gunfire during a protest last week against a military coup in Myanmar, died on Friday. After the incident, not only are the protesters angry, there is a call for military rule of the world to stop using power. On February 1, the Burmese Army Tepeidow captured the leaders while occupying Parliament. Violent protests are underway in the country against this.

Back shot
Mya Thwet Thwet Khine was shot in the head during a demonstration on February 9 in the capital Napitaw. He was put on a life support system at the hospital. Doctors then said there was little hope of survival. According to video of the protest, she was hit to the ground by a bullet on the motorcycle as she escaped splashing water.

Incident investigation
After Mya’s death, Human Rights Watch called for an investigation into the use of weapons during protests. The international community was urged to strongly condemn the violence in Myanmar. At the same time, the United States has asked the military not to use violence. In Myanmar, the military staged a coup on February 1 and arrested several prominent leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi. In many cities, people came out to protest the coup despite various restrictions.

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