Myanmar protesting girl killed: Burmese girl killed in anti-junta protests: Seven-year-old girl shot dead in Myanmar

Army violence in Myanmar is not only increasing, but incidents of brutality occur every day. A seven-year-old girl was opened by security forces here. This girl is the youngest victim killed in the fight against the demonstrators. The army has alleged that the protesters are committing violence and they claim that at least attempts are being made to use force. A military government spokesperson said 164 people lost their lives and expressed grief, but activists say at least 261 people have died.

Officials were told by Reuters that a seven-year-old girl died after being shot. In fact, the father of the child was shot by the target, but the girl sitting on his bench was shot. Two other people were killed in the town of Chan Mya Thaji. Overnight, peacemaking was also carried out in many cities. The military government has been strongly condemned by the international community and urged not to resort to violence against protesters.

At the same time, the government claims that the elections held in November by Aung San Suu Kyi were bogus. The military said a re-election would take place but no date was given and imposed an emergency in the country. The European Union and the United States on Monday imposed sanctions against those involved in the coup. These people also include the name of the head of the military government and the commander-in-chief of the army, General Min Aung Liang.

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