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Video of woman outside Myanmar parliament went viral
A video of a Burmese woman is widely shared on social media, in which she is seen doing aerobics in front of the country’s parliament and army vehicles behind prepare to take over the parliament. As soon as this video went viral on social networks, a peculiarity was noticed about it in Indonesia. Users in Indonesia reported that the song the woman dances to is a song of rebellion about the conflict between the public and the administration.

Indonesian song
According to South China Morning Post news, this song named “Ampun Bang Jago” was composed by Tian Storm and Ever Slucker. It is widely used against police brutality during protests. Last year, when thousands of people participated in the protest against unemployment in the country, this song became very popular. The Indonesian people also explained the meaning of this song. Malay, Dutch and Portuguese words are used there.

What do the lyrics of the songs say?
In this, it was said to impose “appeals for mercy” on the victim of injustice on the part of the administration. It is further said, “He is coming one by one, fighting for the throne. I don’t need to take their names, they know who I’m talking about. Let them think they are great, but our identity is becoming. So keep working, even if you think it won’t help. However, it is not clear if the woman had a specific reason for choosing this song.

Myanmar coup video: The woman who did aerobics in Myanmar, the army took over the country’s parliament, watch Mahaviral video
… and the government has fallen behind
Not only Myanmar, this video is seen all over the world. It is seen in the video that the woman continued to do aerobics amid the fast-paced music and the military occupied Parliament. The woman could not even find out that there had been a coup in the country. The name of this woman is described as Khing Hanin Wei. They say she is a physical education teacher. Many people claimed the video was fake and the woman was dancing in front of the green screen. However, people on social media also confirmed that the dancing was real.

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