Myanmar’s latest news: Myanmar coup protesters use gasoline bomb, slingshot against dictator’s army Deadly violence resumes in Myanmar: new violent clashes after peaceful protests in Myanmar 202 protesters shot dead by junta

Strong points:

Protesters attacking with petrol bombs and slingshot to fight dictator’s army in Myanmar, 202 police protesters killed by police shot dead, hundreds injured, countries across China criticized Myanmar’s military government
In response to the military’s deadly crackdown on protests against the military coup in Myanmar, protesters retaliated on Wednesday by slapping stones and throwing gasoline bombs (Molotov cocktails) at security forces. According to press and social media, two people died after being shot dead during a protest in northwest Myanmar on Wednesday.

The military also targets ordinary people
According to data collected by the independent organization “ Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners ”, the confirmed number of protesters killed in military action since the February 1 military coup to overthrow the elected civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi is now 200. The organization alleged that junta forces are targeting not only protesters but also the general public.

Many died for lack of treatment
He said some of the injured were arrested and died due to lack of medical facilities, some died due to harassment during interrogation, others died due to gunfire during the action, dragging their bodies Taken away and the junta forces did not hand over the baton. corpses to their families.

202 people have died so far
The organization said that as of Tuesday 202 people had died, 2,181 people had been arrested or charged. According to local media and social media posts, peaceful protests took place on Wednesday in Taungu, Thayet, Myingyan and Madaya in central Myanmar, Tamu near the border with India and in the town of Paiya, on the banks of the Irrawaddy River northwest of Yangon. Police also took deadly action on Tuesday against crowds of protesters.

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