myGwork opens an office in Madrid

MyGwork has decided to bet on Spain. It does this by opening an office in Madrid, with which to attend its expansion in our country and in Latin America.

The inclusive business community for LGTBI + professionals also arrives after receiving an investment of 830,000 euros from 24Haymarket. Funding that myGwork wants to use to mitigate the negative effects of employment in Spain after the COVID-19 crisis, helping those who have suffered the most: workers.

Thinking precisely about them, and how to offer them technological and human resources to be able to get a job on equal terms, myGwork has designed an application. This tool will allow users to access a large job exchange; as well as mentors with whom to tutor, receiving professional but also personal help. In other words, an application with which myGwork takes a new step in its fight for the equality and inclusion of LGTBI + workers in the world of work.

24Haymarket’s investment “shows that inclusion and equality in the workplace for LGTBI + professionals remain strategic for those workers and investors looking for an economic and social impact. It also reflects the interest that exists in the corporate sphere in pursuing the major advances made in terms of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities ”, declared Pierre Gaubert, co-founder of myGwork, who recalled that 2020 “has been an important year for us. We really had to show our members, founders and partners that we are a resource worth investing in, both financially and professionally. “

Adrien Gaubert, co-founder of this inclusive business community for LGTBI + professionals, explained that “myGwork has had a significant and measurable impact on the equality and inclusion at work of LGTBI + professionals since its birth, but we are well aware that we can do more with the right support. The services we provide need to be in tune not only with the changing world around us, but with the way businesses and professionals actually live and work. The development and delivery of the myGwork app is the next step in our growth, and we are confident that we will continue to demonstrate our community’s leadership in this space.

By 2021, myGwork is well placed to guarantee LGTBI + professionals access to real job opportunities. For this, the new team of international professionals who will work from Madrid will continue to look for new allies. Miguel Garzn, Managing Director of myGwork in Spain and Latin America, stressed the importance of “developing alliances in the field of education, with universities and business schools, to guarantee access for our companies and collaborating institutions with the best talents. It was also essential to conclude agreements with LGTBI + entities and associations which work with profiles in a situation of social exclusion within the LGTBI + Community, and which allow us to offer more easily employment opportunities for people who, in this crisis, have suffered from higher unemployment. and risks to their mental health ”.

These alliances have been made thanks to the efforts of myGwork, but also of those investors who, like Mika Duma, the new CTO, want to “end discrimination. My personal mission is to generate a positive effect in the world around me by eliminating different stigmas and by creating technologies that have an impact on people’s lives ”.

“By drawing on more than 20 years of experience in developing cutting-edge technology companies and in my role as CTO, I build on the great accomplishments that the myGwork team has already accumulated. By using and applying advancements such as artificial intelligence, we can enable the merging of jobs based on skill, interest, merit, and other factors, reducing the possibility of human discrimination. We thus provide an engaging and valuable user experience, creating a safe place for community members to be themselves. Based on our AI matching technology, we also enable users to get the help and support they need from the right people within the myGwork family, ”explained Duma.

Add and let’s go

The creation of the new app was not the only resectable novelty of myGwork this year. The professional network that connects LGBT + professionals with inclusive businesses and organizations has launched Spain’s largest digital job bank to help and support trans people in their job search.

This is a really important action if we take into account the fact that these professionals unfortunately have many prohibited positions; even in terms of public supply, as is the case for access to firefighters in certain autonomous communities. Additionally, and although we are in an age where tolerance is the norm in many companies, some job interviews end up valuing sex more than the professional skills of trans people, leaving them with no choice because already in large part. part of stereotypes. created there towards these people, who are accused of being violent or of mental disorder.

A stronger team

In addition to Mika Duma, myGwork has added a third director, Andy Robertson, to its ranks. Former Director of Sales and CEO of beverage industry giant Diageo brings 16 years of strategy and sales experience; something myGwork hopes to leverage to diversify its product offering and global reach for LGBTI + professionals and organizations.

As for its division in Madrid, besides the aforementioned Miguel Garzn, Michelle Raymond – as Business Development Manager – and Cristina Gaviria – as Creative Director – are part of the team.

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