mysterious airfield of the chinese desert: chinese zone-51 all you need to know: all about chinese zone-51

China is rapidly developing a secret air base at Lop Nur in Xinjiang amid tensions with India in Ladakh. Information about this air base is so confidential that it has been named Area-51 of China. This air base is located just 1300 km from Leh Air Base in India. Recently, photos taken by commercial satellite showed that China has been developing this air base rapidly since 2016. Experts believe that China plans to increase military space activities from this air base.

The Chinese pole revealed by satellite images
The American NGO Media Organization NPR has shared a lot of information related to this secret Chinese air base on the basis of satellite images of Maxar Technologies. These images showed that China has started to develop this air base, which has been deserted for years. The airstrip at this base was 4.8 km long, so that large ships and spacecraft can also land easily.

China rapidly develops air base
Over a dozen concrete buildings have also been seen under construction near this Lop Noor airstrip. Until now, there were no houses or other facilities on this secret air base. Lop Nur is China’s oldest nuclear test site. In 2020, many observers claimed that China landed a highly classified space plane at the air base. However, no one knows what the Chinese space plane looks like.

base will be built for military space activities
Ankit Panda, Senior Expert at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said I think this is a very important base for China’s military space activities. Who now China is busy increasing rapidly. Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics and the Smithsonian, said this airstrip was large enough to send humans into space.

China modernizing its military base in Lhasa in the midst of “peace” in Ladakh, betray India?
No planes have landed since September
Apart from the landing of the Chinese space plane in September last year, no particular activity was observed on this runway. Modular trailers can be seen at one end of this air base. It is expected that this will be temporary accommodation for employees of the Chinese Air Force. But now the increase in activity at the air base indicates that China is preparing to do something big here.

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Why America’s Top Secret Area-51?
Area 51 is said to be hiding aliens from the US government. We don’t know much about its reality. But at first, the US government denied the existence of Area 51, then later accepted it. Some say the flying saucer was tested there. The government has placed restrictions on the movement of ordinary men in Area 51.

Which Chinese air bases are active on the Indian border

Air base Elevation above sea level Stationary aircraft Kasi Air Base4529 ftJ-11, JH-7, UAVTaskurgan Air Base 10633 ftUnderconstructionHotan Airbase4672 ftJ-11, J-8, J-7, AWACS, UAVSetula Helipad12017 ftRipInfo14980ensuhai County Helipad Under Construction, Helipad No.1442641 ft

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