Mysterious Brain Disease: Mad Cow Disease Kills Five In Canada: Five People Die From Mysterious Brain Disease In Canada

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Panicked people with mysterious brain disease in Canada, so far suspected of having disease like 5 dead cow disease, scientist said – 6 people infected this year, scientists don’t know how the infection
In Canada, a mysterious brain disease like mad cow disease has caused panic among people. It is said that to date, 5 people have died from the disease, while 43 people are infected. According to media reports, there is a rare and fatal brain disorder known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, or CJD. In 2021, 6 new cases of the disease have been reported to date.

This disease is different from mad cow disease
Despite the similarities between the two diseases, many Canadian experts have described CJD as a separate disease from mad cow disease. Health officials in New Brunswick, Canada are now trying to figure out how 43 people became infected with the disease. Apart from that, they are also trying to find out what this unknown neurological disease is, which has infected people so quickly.

5 people have died so far
The Canadian Department of Health has confirmed that five people have died from the disease. According to a Canadian media report, the disease first appeared in 2015, after which its cases have increased rapidly in recent years. In 2020, it had 24 reported cases, while in 2021, 6 new cases have been reported so far. The mayor of Bertrand, Yvan Godin, said that the inhabitants of the region are very worried about this new disease.

Widespread panic among people, asking questions
The mayor said that the people in our town are upset, they are wondering what is the disease caused by eating meat? Is it contagious? We need information as soon as possible about the cause of this disease. Canadian scientists are vigorously undertaking testing and research into this disease. Neurologist Dr Neil Cashman pointed out that the disease is not Krutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Scientists researching disease-related questions
Scientists have said that this disease is so complex that we have to do a lot of tests to find it. Cashman and a team of experts are working to find answers to all questions related to the disease. He said that so far we cannot give any deadline when the related mysteries will be revealed. Cashman called on residents to continue with their normal routines and stay calm.

What is mad cow disease?
Mad cow disease is a disease in cows and animals associated with cows. It is known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). It is a fatal neurological disease that spreads to cattle due to an abnormal protein that destroys the brain and spinal cord. The disease was first identified in 1986 in Britain. However, researchers say it started in the 1970s.

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