Mysterious Brain Disease: Mysterious Brain Syndrome Takes Over Canada After Covid-19: People Infected With Mysterious Brain Disease In Canada

A mysterious disease from Canada has further troubled the world as it battles the dangerous wave of the Corona virus. In one of the provinces, at least 48 people reported symptoms such as insomnia, limb dysfunction and hallucinations. These people see the dead in their dreams. Many Canadian neurologists have come together day and night to diagnose the disease based on these clues. Earlier in Canada, 5 people died from animal diseases like mad cow disease.

scientists discover the disease
It is claimed that this disease is spread by radiation from cell phone towers. At the same time, many blame the corona vaccine for it. However, there is no scientific confirmation of his claim. Such symptoms surprised Canadian medical institutions. Today, the best neurologists in the world are trying to solve the mystery of this disease.

So far 6 people have died in Canada
It is said that patients with this mysterious disease have been found in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, located on the Atlantic coast. Since then fear has set in among the people here. Dozens of people have been infected with the disease over the past six years, six of whom have died. Yvonne Godin, mayor of Bertrand, a village in the province of New Brunswick, said residents were concerned.

Now the world is in panic over this mysterious brain disease, so far 5 deaths in Canada, 43 people infected
Scientists don’t even have answers to people’s questions
He said people wonder if this disease is spreading in the environment? Is it genetic? Or is it spread by eating fish or deer meat? If that’s not all, then what is it? Everyone wants answers. But even the great scientists of the country do not have the answer to these questions from residents.

The authorities have forgotten the seriousness of this disease due to the corona
The corona virus epidemic began to wreak havoc in Canada 15 months ago. Because of this, people’s attention has been diverted from this disease. Health officials committed to preventing Corona infection have failed to understand the seriousness of this mysterious disease. The disease became public knowledge in March, when New Brunswick’s chief medical officer spoke about it in a press release.

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Lack of adequate studies to investigate mental illnesses
Doctors investigating the disease say the slow response to it underscores the challenge of other medical conditions during the global pandemic. He says that due to the horrors of the corona virus, people don’t pay close attention to this disease. Medical experts have said that the ambiguity over the disease shows how far behind we are in our knowledge of mental illnesses or neuro-related illnesses, despite extraordinary advances in medical science.

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