Mysterious disease in Tanzania: Mystery disease in Tanzania: Mystical disease has spread in Tanzania, 15 people die after vomiting blood, 50 infected

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A mysterious disease outbreak in Tanzania has so far caused vomiting of blood, 15 people have died and 50 people are suffering from the disease.
There is news of a mysterious disease outbreak in Tanzania. People suffering from this unknown disease have suffered from vomiting blood and to date 15 people have died. It is said that so far 50 people suffer from this disease. Meanwhile, the Tanzanian government has suspended Felista Kisandu, the chief medical officer of Chunya district, who exposed the mysterious illness.

Kissandu had said blood samples had been sent to test for mercury infection, but Tanzania’s health ministry said there was no sign of an outbreak. The ministry said Kisandu was suspended for creating unnecessary fear. Previously, Kisandu had told Turkish Anadolu Agency that the patients, mostly males, had stomach problems and ulcers and were told not to use cigarettes or strong drinks.
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Many people have fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain
He had said that the best chemists in the government would examine blood and water samples to check for mercury pollution. Kissandu said the deaths occurred in a room in Ifumbo. Patients admitted to this ward vomited blood and died. On the other hand, the Tanzanian Minister of Health, Dorothy Gwajima, demanded not to deal with the whole matter and suspended Kisandu for 10 days on charges of creating fear among the population.

The health minister asked the Medical Council to investigate the whole matter but dismissed the claim that there was an epidemic in the region. In 2018, a similar disease spread to this area. Many people had fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Meanwhile, President John Magufuli has been accused of negligence in Tanzania over the corona virus. He claimed that the corona outbreak in Tanzania was halted due to prayer.

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