Mysterious monolith: Mysterious monolith appears in the sky after art gallery claims it: Mysterious pillar appears in Utah

For several days, a metal pillar visible in different parts of the world, including America, has remained such a puzzle that does not take the name of solving. The pillars that we see in the cities one after the other are now visible in the sky. Jeff Jacob, who lives in Idaho, USA, was on his way home when he saw this pole in the air. When he shared the photos on social media, people said that in 2020 even the presence of extraterrestrials would not be surprising.

Where does the post go?

A solid black structure is seen in the air in the image captured by Jacob’s camera. When he couldn’t figure out what it was, he would share the photos on social media. About this, people wrote in the comment that maybe the Utah Mainstay will go to a new location. Jeff says, “Suddenly this structure started to appear. It stayed in the sky for a few moments and then disappeared.

What in the sky?

Jacob said: ‘Some people say it could be a Utah post and it’s the same size. Utah is not that far from Idaho and the two states are connected. Others said, “Looks like someone’s got this. Jacob says he’s not religious, so he doesn’t want to speculate too much. He claimed it was not a weather balloon. Many people have said that the Khamba is extinct from Utah and its shape is the same. However, some people also said that this image can also be a reflection.

Who kept the post

The most famous artist, an art collector from New Mexico, claimed he had erected poles in Utah and California. Three photos were shared on her Instagram page, two of which are from her poles and one from a pillar found in California. When asked if he had installed these poles, TMFA answered “yes”. However, he declined to give much information. According to their website, these poles are sold for $ 45,000.

Claimed on Instagram

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