Mysterious pole missing in Utah found in Romania

In 2020, there have been many problems and puzzles before the world, a mysterious moving pillar has made this list longer. In fact, a metal pole first appeared in the Utah desert in America, then disappeared and now it is shown again in Europe. In Romania, people became very confused due to the appearance of a metal pole.

Disappeared in Utah
People started to speculate when they saw a desert central pillar in Utah. Some claimed it was the work of an artist, and then some directly described it as the work of aliens. This pillar disappeared before the administration reached its base. It has since appeared in Romania. However, this post looks like a hastily planted post.

According to reports, this pillar looks like glass in another part of the world within 24 hours. Graffiti was also done on this subject. It is also claimed that after the post in Utah was discussed it was planted as a copy.

Whose art?
There has also been speculation about the post seen in Utah, by famous artist John McCracken. John died, and according to his son John had told him in 2002 that he wanted to leave his works in remote areas where he would be discovered later.

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