Mysterious Pole of Utah Romania

Epidemic, earthquake, war and how many tragedies have been witnessed, this year is on its last days to confuse the world. Nowadays, a metal pole (Monolith) has created a worldwide uproar that sometimes appears in mysterious ways, then disappears a few days later. This pole appeared in the American desert of Utah and appeared in Romania, Europe, 24 hours after its disappearance. Now that pole has disappeared from there too.

Show then disappear

This pole appeared about two weeks ago in the Utah desert. After its discovery, discussions between ordinary people and researchers intensified where it came from. It began to be described from the art of performing to the manual labor of the alien. However, he disappeared a few days later and then began to appear in another part of the world.

Landed in Romania

The pillar in Romania measured about 2.8 meters. Local journalist Robert Isab said the pillar found in the old fort was stealthily planted, it was removed. He said that an unknown person, probably the local welder, may have built it and now its place is just a pit.

Where did you go?

The curtain began to rise on the secrecy of the Utah Pillar’s disappearance. Sylvan Christenson, a tour guide, claimed on social media that he, along with three people, removed the 12-foot pole. These people posted a video about it and also wrote, “If you don’t want someone to take your property away from you, don’t leave it.

Why did the pillar come out?

Christenson said in a conversation with DailyMail: “We took the Utah Pole out because there are ways to determine how we are using our public lands, natural wildlife, local trees, water resources. ” This mystery was an illusion and we want people to see the problem behind it, we are losing our public land, such things don’t help.

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