Mysterious sea beast: Mysterious sea beast weighing four tonnes found on UK beach: Photos of mysterious sea creatures found in Britain go viral

In Britain, people are frightened by the discovery of a 23-foot-long monstrous creature by the sea. This mysterious sea creature has yet to be identified. Scientists who arrived at the scene said it has now become difficult to identify the face of the organism. It is said that its weight is around four tons.

This creature was found on the sand along the beach
This super scary creature was spotted on Broad Haven South Beach in Pembrokeshire last week. After which, rescuers stationed in Intermediate Security reported it to the British Cetasian Stranding Investigation Program (CSIP). This British agency undertakes many important tasks such as care and research on marine organisms.

Could not be identified yet
CSIP scientist Matthew Westfield told local media that identifying the organism was becoming increasingly difficult. Because, over time, his body decomposes by exposure to the heat of the sun and to the outside environment. It is feared that this creature died in the sea itself and came to the beach during the tide.

This sea creature can be over 23 feet tall
In the photos, its exterior coating is brown. Many bones in the body are also visible due to melting. According to Matthew Westfield, this animal is not mentioned anywhere in biology. There is no clear evidence of his head and any part. However, scientists have identified this animal’s spine which is approximately 23 feet long.

The whole head of this creature is missing
Scientists claim that the length of this animal may be greater than that, as we have not found many parts of its body. Only the entire head of this creature is visible. Which would have disintegrated or eaten a wild animal. Parts of this animal have been sent to investigate.

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