MyTube 4.0 is now official, discover all the news

Since the days of Windows Phone, many developers have worked to bring us wonderful third-party applications. The case under study is MyTube.

The Mountain View giant had a legendary fight with Microsoft over the YouTube app. They refused to launch it on Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile and asked Microsoft to create theirs in HTML5. Fortunately, a developer created MyTube and it has grown steadily since. Now it reaches its version 4.0 loaded with news.

MyTube 4.0, here are its news

A new user interface from Fluent Design, designed to be easier to use and navigate. The app also has a new icon. MyTube is now free to download and use. You can buy myTube Pro from the app, you can activate more functions. Added the ability to cut videos into a short GIF or MP4 (myTube Pro – PC / mobile) Added the ability to schedule automatic theme and color scheme changes at different times of the day (myTube Pro) The options allow to create your own color scheme and to receive notifications from an unlimited number of channels are now part of myTube Pro. The side menu is now accessible throughout the app, in addition to videos, playlists and Channels can now be pinned to the side menu Added an option to show the channels you have subscribed to directly in the side menu New design more compact for context menu Recommended videos now have their own section on homepage Added support for recommended YouTube themes. Thumbnails can now display an animated preview of the video when hovering (or when the focus is on Xbox). Ctrl + T can now be used to enter Theater mode, and Ctrl + P can now be used to enter Picture in Picture (PiP). Long comments are automatically reduced to 10 lines, with the Expand them option. Added the ability to rearrange the play queue.
Added the ability to choose between PC and Xbox thumbnails.
The application can now detect the first videos and manage them better. When doing a touch search, we can now touch the screen with a second finger to cancel the search. The ability to display multiple overlapping caption blocks has been added. YouTube push can now be played from the clipboard. Video timestamps can now be read from clipboard URLs. Added an option to update any application list via the context menu. PC user interface, most of the pages being shared between the two platforms.

Endless improvements so that if you love to consume YouTube content you can do it from an app in Windows 10. If you haven’t tried it, give it a try. The work and effort of this developer is well worth it.

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