Naftali Bennett: Knowing who Israel is New Prime Minister Naftali Bennett defeats Benjamin Netanyahu

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Right-wing party leader Yamina of Israel, 49, is at the end of an era in Israel as Naftali Bennett takes the oath
An era has ended in the country with the inauguration of the leader of the right-wing Yamina party of Israel, Naftali Bennett, 49 years old. Benjamin Netanyahu, who ruled Israel for about 12 years, could not save his power even after putting in a lot of effort. Naftali Bennett took office as Prime Minister of Israel on Sunday. After taking the oath, Prime Minister Naftali announced that he would work with people of different opinions in the country. Let’s see who Naftali Bennett is and how this rising star came into being in Israeli politics.

On Sunday, 60 members voted for and 59 against, in Israel’s 120-member Knesset. During this time, one member was absent. In this way, Naftali Bennett became the Prime Minister of Israel with a very slim majority. It is believed that this will continue to threaten the stability of the Bennett government. The new government has 27 ministers, including nine women. Different ideologies have formed an alliance for the new government. Among them, there is also a party representing the Arab community with the right, the left, the centrist. Mickey Levy of the Yesh Etid Party was elected Speaker of Parliament. 67 members voted in favor.

Naftali Bennett’s journey from commando to PM
The new Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, was the commando of the Defense Forces elite commando unit, Sairat Matkal and Magalan. In 2006, he entered politics under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. He was later appointed Netanyahu’s chief of staff. In 2012, Naftali Bennett was elected to parliament in a party called The Jewish Home. He later also became a member of the New Right Knesset and the Yamina Party. Between 2012 and 2020, Naftali became a member of the Israeli parliament five times. He was also Israel’s defense minister from 2019 to 2020.

Naftali Bennett, who believes in Judaism, has earned millions of rupees in the high tech industry. He lives in a suburb of Tel Aviv. He has teamed up with centrist and left-wing groups to defeat his former ally Benjamin Netanyahu. His outspoken nationalist Yamina party won just 7 seats in the March elections. It was the fourth election in Israel in the past two years. Even after winning seven seats, he became the kingmaker. This too when a member of his party himself opposed this alliance and moved away from this alliance.

Israeli prime minister a staunch opponent of Palestinian independence
Naftali Bennett fiercely opposed the independence of Palestine, a staunch opponent of Israel. Bennett strongly supported the colonization of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It has been viewed by the Palestinian and international community as the greatest obstacle to peace. Bennett sharply criticized Netanyahu’s decision to delay plans to settle these settlements. Netanyahu made this decision under pressure from US President Barack Obama. For this reason, there has been heightened apprehension among the Palestinian people about Bennett’s position.

Johann Plesner, who has worked with Bennett for a long time, said the Israeli prime minister is a right-wing leader and has a strong stance on security, but is also very practical. He said Bennett would try to make himself a national leader with the help of others. On the other hand, Netanyahu’s supporters call him a traitor and say Bennett betrayed voters. The Lebanese militant group near Bennett waged a war against Hezbollah. According to experts, Bennett represents the third generation of Israeli politics. He is religious but not an “ascetic”.

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