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The departure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, long in power in Israel, is settled. The coalition of his opposition parties finally agreed to form a new government. After which Naftali Bennett would henceforth be the next Prime Minister of Israel. Let us tell you that in the elections held in March of this year, Netanyahu’s Likud party failed to secure a majority. Despite being the second largest party in the election, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin ordered Netanyahu to form a government and prove his majority by June 2.

Naftali Bennett becomes Prime Minister
Despite Netanyahu’s best efforts and manipulations, the Likud party was unable to reach its allies. At the same time, its opposition leader Yair Lepid announced that the Israeli opposition parties have agreed to form a new government. Eight Israeli parties are included in this new coalition. Lepid said that according to the deal, Naftali Bennett, the leader of the first Yamina party, would become the prime minister of Israel. Two years later, Yer Lepid, the leader of the Yesh Atid party, would take over in his place.

Islami Ram party also included in opposition alliance
What is good is that this coalition formed against Netanyahu’s government also includes the Ram Party, which represents the Arab community in Israel. A photo of opposition leaders signing the deal also goes viral in Israeli media, in which Ram Party’s Yesh Atid, Neftali Bennett and Mansoor Abbas are seen. The Israeli president has been briefed by opposition parties about the new deal. The majority will soon be called for a session of parliament, after which Naftali Bennett will be sworn in as Israel’s new prime minister.

All opposition united to overthrow Netanyahu
In Israel’s history, no party has ever won a majority. From then on, the entire opposition united to overthrow Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been in power in Israel for 12 years. Opposition alliances include the right-wing Yamina party, the centrist Yes Atid party and the Ram party representing Muslims.

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Naftali Bennett with 6 MPs to become Prime Minister of Israel
General elections have been held in Israel four times in the past two years. As always, during these elections too, no party was able to obtain a majority. Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, has a total of 120 seats. Among them, Naftali Bennett’s Yamina party has 6 seats. In the manipulative politics of the opposition, the leader of the Yamina party, Neftali Bennett, has become the kingmaker and she must cede the post of prime minister to the opposition parties.

Who is Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett was the commando of the elite commando unit of the Israel Defense Forces, Sairet Matkal and Magalan. In 2006, he entered politics under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. After which he was appointed Netanyahu’s chief of staff. In 2012, Naftali was elected to parliament in a party called The Jewish Home. He later also became a member of the New Right Knesset and the Yamina Party. Between 2012 and 2020, Naftali became a member of the Israeli parliament five times. He was also Israel’s defense minister from 2019 to 2020.

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The departure of Benjamin Netanyahu from Israeli politics and the arrival of Naftali Bennett as the new prime minister are said to have influenced the country’s foreign policy. The government formed by the opposition includes parties with different ideologies. In such a situation, the views of these parties are equally divided among themselves on burning issues like Gaza Strip, Palestine, Hamas, Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, America.

The election of Israel, the Islamic party has become the kingmaker, the name is Ram
Question on the stability of Muslim, right-wing and centrist parties
The Ram Party, which is part of the opposition coalition, represents Arab Israeli Muslims. He believes that the Palestinians should get their due and that Israel should give up its claims on Jerusalem by stopping its efforts to build a new settlement. In contrast, Naftali Bennett, who will become Prime Minister, is a leader with far-right ideology. He is said to be a staunch supporter of the Jewish nation. The main leader of this coalition and the post-Naftali Prime Minister Yesh Atid is a centrist ideology.

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