Naftali Bennett on India-Israel Relations: Prime Minister Modi’s friend Netanyahu lost the presidency, will Indo-Israel relations change under the reign of Naftali Bennett? – pm modi friend benjamin netanyahu ousted knows that relations india israel will change under the reign of naftali bennett

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PM Modi’s friend Benjamin Netanyahu lost his power after 12 years, in place of Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett, who was his “disciple”, became Israel’s new prime minister Prime Minister Modi congratulated the new Prime Minister of Israel, along with his friend Netanyahu also remembered Tel Aviv / New Delhi
Benjamin Netanyahu, a friend of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lost his power in Israel after nearly 12 years. In place of Netanyahu, his “prosecutor” Naftali Bennett has become Israel’s new prime minister. Prime Minister Modi congratulated the new Prime Minister of Israel by tweeting. During this time, he did not forget to remember his friend Netanyahu as well. Prime Minister Modi praised Netanyahu at the end of his “successful” term. Experts say that Naftali Bennett replacing Netanyahu as prime minister will not affect the “unbreakable” friendship between India and Israel.

Qamar Agha, an expert on West Asian affairs, says Indo-Israel relations will develop even after the change of power. Relationships don’t depend on one man. These relationships have developed over time and will continue to grow. “There is no difference between the ideology of Naftali and that of Netanyahu. Both are staunch nationalists. In India too, Prime Minister Modi has the image of a nationalist leader.
Naftali Bennett: End of reign of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel after 12 years, find out who Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is
“Indo-Israel relations will develop even under the new administration”
He said Israel benefits greatly from relations with India. India buys weapons from Israel on a large scale. By buying weapons from India, other countries are also buying weapons from India. After Indo-Israel relations, other countries have established relations with him. Israel benefits greatly from relations with India. As a result, relations between India and Israel will also progress in the new administration. Agha said the impact of relations with India on Palestine remains to be seen.

Qamar Aag said Bennett would like India to join him on the question of Palestine, but India will not. India says the solution to the Palestinian dispute lies in the creation of two countries. UN resolutions should be implemented in this regard. He said Arab countries are not opposed to India’s relations with Israel. Now the Arab countries have also started to strengthen their ties with Israel.

“China is moving fast in West Asia, Israel needs India”
International affairs expert Dr Rahis Singh says the relationship between the two countries is not based on one person. Naftali Bennett will take it forward. Naftali Bennett was Israel’s Defense Minister and during his tenure there were numerous defense relations with India. This shows that he will further strengthen relations with India. Dr Singh says China is advancing very quickly in West Asia and Israel will be badly needed not only from America but also from India in the future.

PM Modi wants to meet Naftali Bennett, congratulated
Earlier on Monday, Prime Minister Modi congratulated right-wing Yamina party leader Naftali Bennett for taking the oath of office as Israeli prime minister. Prime Minister Modi said he looked forward to further strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries. Modi tweeted: “Congratulations to Naftali Bennett on becoming Prime Minister of Israel. We are completing 30 years of improving our diplomatic relations next year and I look forward to meeting you on this occasion and further strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Bennett was sworn in as Prime Minister of Israel on Sunday. With this, the tenure of Benjamin Netanyahu, who had served as prime minister for 12 years, came to an end. Prime Minister Modi congratulated former Prime Minister Netanyahu on the end of his “successful” term and thanked his leaders for their attention to the Indo-Israel strategic partnership. According to Johann Plezner, director of the Israel Democracy Institute, “Bennett is a right-wing leader, tough on security, but he is a pragmatic leader.

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