naftali bennett palestine: Benjamin Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett on the conflict Palestine Israel: Benjamin Netanyahi and Naftali Bennett impact on the conflict Palestine Israel

After 12 years in Israel, the door to power will come out of the hands of Benjamin Netanyahu. Yamina Party Chairman Naftali Bennett will form the new government in Israel. While the eyes of the world are on all of this development, Palestine will probably mostly wait to see how the change of power affects its situation. Especially when there isn’t much hope for the new prime minister inside the country at the moment. Two senior Times of Israel executives said they didn’t see much change.

Will the new PM be more fanatic?
According to Nasser al-Kidwa, who was part of the Fatab Central Committee, Bennett could turn out to be more radical. Nasser criticizes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. According to the agreement reached so far with the leader of Yesh Yatid, Yair Lapid, Bennett will assume the role of Prime Minister. A final decision in this regard has not yet been taken. According to Lapid, there are some difficulties in the way of forming the new government.

Netanyahu era ends in Israel, Naftali Bennett with 6 MPs will become next prime minister, know the impact on the world including India
Nephthali a source of concern for Palestine?
According to Mustafa Bargouti, a senior official in Ramallah, one of the advantages of Netanyahu’s resignation could be that the prosecution against him can now continue. Netanyahu faces charges of corruption, fraud and breach of trust. However, he says Bennett’s government may be worrying for him (Palestine) as he will fail to keep the peace.

Israel: Opposition parties unite to form government, ideology differs but goal is one – “Remove Benjamin Netanyahu from power”

There is no point in avoiding the problem of Palestine.
Bennett said on Sunday that the coalition parties can only reach agreement on a limited number of issues, but they will not stop talks or give their territory to anyone. The government formed by the opposition includes parties with different ideologies. In such a situation, the views of these parties are equally divided among themselves on burning issues like Gaza Strip, Palestine, Hamas, Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, America. Palestinian leaders say that avoiding the Palestine problem in this way will not benefit anyone.

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What is the impact of the new Israeli government on Palestine?

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