naked bike ride around the world in south africa: naked bike ride around the world

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A protest in the city of Cape Town in South Africa has drawn attention to the number of thousands of thousands of women and men who have gone barefoot and have organized bicycle rallies to raise public awareness about fossil fuels .
People continue to adopt unique methods of performing all over the world, but a performance in South Africa has caught everyone’s attention. Thousands of women and men undressed and held bicycle rallies in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. This World Naked Bike Ride was organized to raise awareness about cycling and being safe from fossil fuels.

This is the 18th year in a row that thousands of men and women are undressing, riding their bikes and spreading the awareness message. The event’s Facebook page wrote, “Your dress is up to you. Wear such a rag so that you can take care of it to save the earth. Even after not wearing clothes, many people covered their faces with masks to prevent the corona virus.

These organizers are now planning to hold a similar rally in Britain on August 14. Let me tell you that for the first time, a bicycle rally was organized in June 2004. The rally was born from the social activist and Canadian filmmaker Konrad Schmidt. The aim of this rally was to end dependence on oil. Now, twice a year, people get naked and take part in a rally. People demonstrating in Cape Town are demonstrating on fossil fuel addiction, climate change, consumerism, patriarchal control, etc.

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