Nanjing University Sex Ad: The Best Chinese University Sex Ad To Attract Students

Large Chinese university uses women in online sex ads to seduce college students. After that there was a heckling all over the country regarding this sexual ad. Critics say the university makes reprehensible use of women to admit children to its schools.

Nanjing University Used Obscene Advertisements
Nanjing University (NJU) posted this obscene advertisement on Weibo on the first day of the National University of China Entrance Test “Gaokao Exam”. The ad featured six photographs of existing students in front of different parts of the campus. In this, banners were held in the hands of the students to attract the students. In which many types of slogans have been written to woo students.

The most uproar on two photos of women
Two of these images are the most criticized, in which a beautiful woman is standing with a poster in her hand. The poster says “Would you like to be with me in the library from morning till night?” At the same time, the poster in the other woman’s hand says, “Do you want me to be a part of your youth?” There is a lot of opposition to the use of women in such advertisements.

University targets Chinese social media users
However, the banners held by the men did not contain any obscene words. A male participant’s banner read “Do you want to be an honest, hardworking and ambitious NJU student?” As soon as this ad came out, there was a din on Chinese social networks. A large number of people are asking Nanjing University to apologize for such advertisements.

University removed ad after controversy
Chengyusan, an NGO fighting gender-based violence against women, has sparked the most protests against the ads. After which the administration of Nanjing University removed these advertisements. The university has yet to issue a clarification regarding this announcement. However, a large number of people criticize this university on social networks.

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