nanogenerator technology: Nanogenerator Developed: Nanogenerator

New Delhi
Scientists have created a simple, economical, biocompatible and transparent nanogenerator that can generate electricity from global vibrations for use in optoelectronics, self-propelled devices, and other biomedical applications. The government released this information on Saturday.

The Ministry of Science and Technology said in a statement that due to the growing threat of global warming and the energy crisis, the search for low-carbon renewable energy sources is one of the biggest challenges at the moment.

Some non-traditional methods of generating electricity include piezoelectric, thermoelectric and electrostatic techniques used in devices such as touch screens, electronic displays, etc.


The ministry said the triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) uses mechanical energy in the form of vibrations found everywhere in various forms to generate electricity. Energy recovery TENG works on the principle of creating an electrostatic charge through the instantaneous physical interaction of two different materials.

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