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Benjamin Netanyahu’s party did not win a majority in the March election.

Jerusalem. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been in Israel for the past 12 years, is set to leave. The opposition is preparing to form a coalition government. Under a general consensus, the leaders of both parties will become prime minister in return.

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Naphtali Bennett will be the first prime minister

Right-wing Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett will be the first of the two parties. He will be prime minister until 2023. After this, Yeshe will become the Prime Minister of the party. Significantly, Benjamin Netanyahu’s party did not win a majority in the March election. Since then, there has been a power struggle between the opposition parties.

The majority had to prove

Being the only largest party, Netanyahu was sworn in as prime minister. However, they could not prove a majority. After this, the number two party and its allies were invited to form the government. For this he had to prove his majority last Wednesday. Now there is a consensus among the opposition parties. This marks the end of Netanyahu’s rule 12 years later.

The house will vote

Leader of the Opposition Yer Lapid said eight opposition parties were with him. Now it will form the government. He has briefed President Reuven Rivlin on the coalition’s consent. With the president’s consent, the new government will be voted on in the House. The prime minister and ministers will then be sworn in.

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According to Lapid, the government will work for all citizens of Israel. He said there would be no discrimination among the people. Then whether they voted for me or not. It is the responsibility of the government to maintain unity in Israel.

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