Napoleon Bonaparte: Napoleon Bonaparte died of cancer, revealed by a letter sent from Saint Helena to Madras – Napoleon Bonaparte died of cancer, shows a letter from 1821 to Madras de Saint Helena

Napoleon Bonaparte, one of France’s most powerful rulers, died of cancer. This is evident in the letter written in 1821 which was sent to Chennai (then Madras) from the overseas British island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Sea. This letter, found in the documents of the Department of Government Archives and Historical Research of Tamil Nadu in Chennai, was sent from the place where Bonaparte died after exile.

Why was this letter sent
Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to be the wall between India and Great Britain. He also challenged Britain for this by attacking Egypt. At that time, the French were also trying to establish their rule over the surrounding region, including India from Pondicherry. The British were frightened by Napoleon’s strength and vigor. Therefore, a letter was written to Major General Sir Thomas Munro, then Governor of Madras, to confirm Bonaparte’s disappearance.

This letter is kept in Chennai
The year 2021 will be the 200th anniversary of the death of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. It is interesting to note that this historical article related to his death has been kept in the Archives and the Historical Research Commission, Egmore. It has only been publicly displayed once so far in 2005.

The English were afraid of Napoleon
The British, working in the British East India Company, were so afraid that they kept a separate volume for Napoleon Bonaparte at Fort Saint-Georges in Chennai. International developments related to Bonaparte have been closely followed here. The British considered him the greatest threat to his colony.

A letter was sent from Saint Helena to Madras
A letter dated May 10, 1821, signed by H. Lowe from the government of Saint Helena, states that Napoleon Bonaparte succumbed to an illness on May 5, about 10 minutes before six in the evening. During his illness, Napoleon was supervised by Professor Antomarchi, medical assistant.

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Napoleon died of cancer
According to the document, Napoleon’s body was opened for autopsy the day after his death in the presence of five prominent island doctors with the consent of his family members. It also included the special teacher of Napoleon Entomarchi. He was found to have cancer near the gastric gland in his stomach. Whose poison dissolved in their stomachs.

Arthur Welledgeley defeated Napoleon and Tipu Sultan
According to historians, the name of Napoleon Bonaparte is also associated with Arthur Wellesley. Orchhar Wellejali was the Commander of the British Army. He defeated Napoleon and Tipu Sultan of India in battle. A building was also built in Chennai in 1798, named Wellesley. It is located in Fort St. George, a few meters from Clive House, the seat of the Chennai Circle of the Archaeological Survey of India.

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Arthur Wellesley was Lord Wellesley’s brother
According to P Jagadeesan, former history professor and former vice-chancellor of Bhartidasan University, Arthur Wellejali defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo in 1815. “Arthur Wellejali was the younger brother of the governor of Madras, Lord Wellesley. Arthur came to Chennai as a general in the English army under the administration of his brother.

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