Narendra Modi Bangladesh Visit: Bangladesh Twitter Facebook War with Pakistan before Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visit: Imran Khan targeted to oppose Prime Minister Modi’s tour of Bangladesh

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Imran Khanbangladeshi’s social media users target India to oppose PM Modi’s visit to Dhaka
Pakistanis are upset by the strengthening of bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India. Prior to 1971, Pakistani rulers inflicted fierce oppression on the citizens of former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The relationship of this country, liberated with the help of India, is stronger than India than Pakistan. This is the reason why Bangladesh has made Prime Minister Narendra Modi the main guest of the celebrations of the golden jubilee of its independence. However, this decision by Bangladesh does not appeal to supporters of Pakistan, against whom they write anonymously on social media. What’s great is that the Bangladeshi people are giving a firm response to these Pakistani supporters on social media.

Hifazat-e-Islam announced his opposition to Prime Minister Modi
Several Islamic fundamentalist groups such as Hifazat-e-Islam in Bangladesh have threatened to protest PM Modi’s entry into Dhaka. Bangladesh then further strengthened the security system. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself has ordered severe measures against those who attempt to disrupt Prime Minister Modi’s visit. India and Bangladesh have been each other’s greatest allies from the start. Sometimes the two countries also got over the acidity of the relationship.

Bangladeshi users rage on Imran Khan
Following this statement by Hifazat-e-Islam, a Twitter war broke out in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi nationals with a moderate attitude towards India called it a step taken at the behest of the Pakistani ISI. He praised India’s role in liberating Bangladesh, calling it an evil and perverse movement of Pakistan. Bangladeshi social media users had a lot of fun quoting old statements from Imran Khan. He also ridiculed Imran’s statement in which he declared Japan to be Germany’s neighbor.

Hifajat has been called the fulcrum of the ISI
Some Bangladeshi citizens have called the Hifazat a power-hungry party and a religion trading party. At the same time, some people shared the economic development ranking of Pakistan and Bangladesh in their tweet. In which Pakistan is also seen below Bangladesh. After that, Pakistan social media users started committing Bangladesh evil. In response to which the Bangladeshis told the Pakistanis a lot of kharkhati.

Price hikes in Pakistan fiercely ridiculed
Some Twitter users attacked Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and asked him to ask his PM if he paid the PMO’s electricity bill or not? 30 rupees for an egg, 1000 rupees for a kilo of ginger, what are Pakistani accounts? Are you funding the Islamic fundamentalists in Bangladesh to disrupt Modi’s visit and damage relations between India and Bangladesh?

India and Bangladesh together can increase their income
A recent World Bank report claimed that the national income of the two countries could increase by 8 to 10 percent if India and Bangladesh develop unrestricted transport connectivity. There was a time when the UN removed Bangladesh from the list of least developed countries and included it in the list of developing countries equal to India. The UN report said Bangladesh has embraced tolerance of liberal Islam and other religions to focus on economic development and human development. Thanks to which he achieved this vision of development.

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