narendra modi photo: Dubai Boy Saran gets a response from PM Modi on Painting: Saran of Dubai made PM Modi’s picture

Saran Sasikumar, a 14-year-old from Kerala based in Dubai, made a six-tiered stencil to be gifted to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Republic Day. Saran has now received a letter of appreciation from the Prime Minister, which states that this image shows his love and affection for the nation.

In January, Gulf News also published a report in which it was written that Saran Sasikumar, a ninth grade student at New Indian Model School, called on Modi to meet Modi on the occasion of the Republic Day of the India January 26. . The image, which measures 90 cm by 90 cm, was presented to the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs V. Muralitharan during a visit to the United Arab Emirates in January to present it to the Prime Minister Modi.

PM Modi thank you
After receiving this portrait, Modi sent a letter to Saran, thanking him and praising his creativity and encouraging him to achieve excellence in arts and education. Saran’s father Sasikumar G. told Gulf News that the Prime Minister’s Office emailed a scanned copy of this testimony on Thursday.

In the letter, Modi expressed his “deep gratitude” for sending the “beautiful pictures” sent by Saran. The letter states that art is an effective way to express our innermost thoughts and feelings, and to connect our imagination with creativity. The painting you carved shows your commitment and dedication to art. It also reflects your love and affection for the nation.

Continue drawing
Before concluding the letter with his signature, Modi wrote: “I am sure you will take your artistic skills to the next level of excellence in the years to come. You continue to make beautiful images in the same way and you also excel academically. Best wishes for a bright and prosperous future. Saran said he and his family were very happy after receiving the email on Friday. “Being a big fan of the Prime Minister of India, I consider this a great achievement.”

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