NASA and European Space Agency to Bring Samples of Mars to Earth

The US space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is preparing to sample Mars from Earth for the first time. Scientists on earth will study these samples. NASA recently released a review report indicating that the Mars Sampling Mission (MSR) will be performed in conjunction with the European Space Agency (ESA). Scientists want to study samples from Mars to find out if there has ever been life in the history of Mars.

Review for several years
NASA said the agency has set up the MSR Independent Review Board (IRB), whose work with ESA is to assess the concept of bringing in samples from another planet. Allow NASA to continue work on a board report after reviewing the agency’s MSR plan. The statement said that after reviewing the agency’s planning for several years, the IRB assumed that NASA is now ready for MSR, which will be the next step in robotic exploration on Mars.

NASA’s March 2020 Perseverance Rover, which launched in July this year, is now halfway there. It will collect rock and soil samples from Mars. The statement said Perseverance had a sampling system with core drills and sampling tubes.

Will be brought back like this
Perseverance on Mars will collect rocks. Some will be left on the surface of Mars for ESA’s Fetch Rover that will transport them to NASA’s Mars Ascent vehicle. The MAV would later launch these samples into orbit on Mars. After that, ESA’s Earth Return Orbiter will be placed in a container capsule in the 2030s and bring them to Earth.

First helicopter to Mars, NASA Mars 2020 mission

NASA-ESA mission to Mars

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