NASA Black Hole Image: NASA Shares Photo Of Milky Way With Black Hole

The American space agency NASA sent a beautiful photo of our Milky Way galaxy. This image is very special because it allows us to understand the center of the galaxy and its movement. Even the huge Sagittarius A * black hole in the middle of the Galaxy is also visible. This particular photo was taken by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

photo of different sightings
In this photo, the giant black hole Sagittarius A * is seen in purple and white in the middle of the galaxy. There is also a lot of gas around. Chandra took the photo using different x-ray stripes that appear orange, green, purple. These observations were combined with the radio data. This image was taken from 370 different observations of the telescope. Looks like an x-ray wire in this photo.

Aggressive movement in the center of the Galaxy
Based on this, astronomer Daniel Wong of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst said, “We know that all the action takes place at the center of the galaxy and that it plays an important role in the development process. Wong says this “wire” is evidence of a magnetic field reconnection event. He says there is still more information hidden behind this that needs to be uncovered.

Magnetic field reconnection events occur when two different magnetic fields interact and thus generate a large amount of energy. Wang said it is a very invasive process. It is also believed to be responsible for the explosions in the sun.

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Chandra took the picture

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