NASA Earth from Space: Earth and Solar System in NASA ESA Solar Probe Space Images: Earth and Solar System seen in NASA images

The three spaceships watching the sun took such images, which can make a person guess their place in the universe. All three of the US Space Agency’s NASA solar mission satellites have captured historical images of our solar system in their cameras. In these photos taken from different locations, Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Arun and Saturn are seen in the vast universe surrounding the sun. These photos remind me of the Pale Blue Dot, the most famous photo of Earth taken from Voyager 1.

Photos taken from different angles

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, a solar orbiter in partnership with the Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) and ESA, monitors activity on and around the sun. All three are in different places in the solar system. They study such things as the extreme heat of the sun’s outer atmosphere, the sun’s dust in the solar system, and the solar storm. The three craft took photos of many planets from different angles while roaming the solar system during their mission.

Solar orbiter

The Solar Orbiter mission sent with ESA sent a very interesting image on November 18 of last year. In it, Venus, Uranus, Earth, and Mars can be seen with a brilliant glow. When this data was sent, the solar orbiter was 250 million kilometers from Earth. The peculiarity was that Arun is also included in this sequence, this possibility was expressed by a user and later confirmed by scientists. The sun is not visible in this photo but it was on the right side of the image.

Parker solar probe

NASA’s Parker solar probe is closest to the sun and will study the origin of the solar storm. On June 7 last year, he sent a photo showing 6 planets in our solar system. In this image, we can see Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Earth and Mercury. When this image was sent, the mission was 150 million kilometers from earth.


The mission also sent in a photo of the same planets Parker saw on June 7. However, his angle was different. He placed Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Saturn, and Jupiter in that order. STEREO’s job is to study the outer atmosphere of the sun (Corona). In addition, it studies the solar storm and gives accuracy to the forecast related to the weather of the sun.

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