NASA helicopter: first photo seen of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter from Mars, its work on this deserted planet

US space agency NASA has released the first photo of an Ingenuity helicopter mounted on a Perseverance rover sent to Mars. The helicopter, named Ingenuity, went to test whether rotorcraft technology can be used on the surface and in the atmosphere of the Red Planet. If successful in flight, Ingenuity would be the first rotorcraft to do so outside of Earth. This is the first time that a glimpse of the Ingenuity helicopter has reached the Red Planet millions of miles from Earth. In the published photo, this helicopter appears to be installed inside a cover inside the Rover Perverence. On Sunday, NASA removed the cover, after which all eyes were seen on this helicopter. NASA has scheduled the first flight of this helicopter next month. About a month ago, this rover sent status reports of the helicopter after landing to mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In which information was given about his safe landing. This message was sent via Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter encircling Mars.

NASA tweeted the first photo of Ingenuity

Ingenuity helicopter’s first flight possible next month

NASA reported that a location in Jezero Crater has been identified as a helipad for this helicopter. The Rover Perseverance will arrive at this location after running for the next few days. After which, an attempt will be made to complete the flight of the Ingenuity helicopter. NASA has said that the test of this helicopter is not expected to be carried out until April 7. Once the rover gets to this point, we’ll have about 30 days to complete the test. In which a trial can be started at any time. NASA said the surrounding space will be scanned before the flight, as even a small piece of debris could fail our mission. For this, the weather of March should also be perfect. It is much more difficult to predict the weather of Mars than that of Earth. If the weather suddenly changes, we may lose our helicopter. Space weather is associated with radiation from the Sun and according to NASA it varies from moment to moment.

How will the Ingenuity helicopter test be performed?

After leaving the rover, 30 days of Mars (31 days of Earth) will be tested for its experimental flight. If it’s safe on the wintery nights of March, the team will try for the first flight. Nighttime temperatures on Mars can rise to -90 ° C. According to NASA, if the helicopter was able to take off and travel a certain distance, 90% of the mission would be successful. If it continues to operate even after a successful landing, four more flights will be tested. This is the test being carried out for the first time, so scientists are very excited about it and hope to learn something new every moment.

What is the helicopter job on Mars?

The need for rotorcraft on Mars is due to the fact that the invisible and unknown surface there is extremely rugged. Orbiters orbiting Mars can only see clearly from high altitudes up to a limit. At the same time, it is not possible for the rover to go to all corners of the surface. In such a situation, you need a rotorcraft capable of flying to difficult places and taking high definition photos. The 2 kg Ingenuity was nominated by Indian student Vanija Rupani in a competition.

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