nasa helicopter mars first flight: Mars Helicopter: the NASA Ingenuity helicopter will fly to Mars today; see a live stream like this – mars helicopter maiden flight today knows how to watch live video of nasa ingenuity maiden flight

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Today in the history of the Mars mission of the American space agency NASA, sent to the very important planet Mars, the NASA helicopter will attempt to fly for the first time.
Today is an important day in the history of the US space agency NASA. NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter sent to Mars will make its first flight attempt today. This helicopter created after nearly 6 years of hard work exudes an atmosphere of euphoria around the first flight to the red planet. NASA will be broadcasting the helicopter flight live.

Very light, the NASA helicopter will attempt its first flight on Monday. If NASA’s effort is successful, it will be the first success to fly to another planet. NASA will make a direct effort on this whole flight. This live broadcast will begin at 3:45 p.m. Indian time. Click here to watch the live broadcast

NASA scientists have great concern
Its live broadcast can also be seen on NASA TV. Meanwhile, great concern is devoured by NASA scientists just before taking off from the helicopter. Helicopter project manager Mimi Aang said our team will try to fly to Mars on Monday, but we also know we may have to try again while working hard.

Ang said there is always uncertainty in the world of engineering, but it makes working on cutting edge technology exciting and rewarding. The helicopter flight was scheduled to be executed on April 11, but was postponed after the order was revealed to have problems. The helicopter observation team also updated their software.

90% success if the helicopter was able to take off and move a certain distance
According to the latest data found on April 16, the helicopter passed the rapid spin test. From now on, this helicopter will have to fly in the atmosphere of Mars without the help of the Earth itself. The ingenuity is in perfect shape and its energy communication systems are functioning properly. According to NASA, if the helicopter was able to take off and travel a certain distance, 90% of the mission would be successful. If it continues to operate even after a successful landing, four more flights will be tested. This is the test being carried out for the first time, so scientists are very excited about it and hope to learn something new every moment.

Why is a helicopter necessary?
The need for rotorcraft on Mars is due to the fact that the invisible and unknown surface there is extremely bumpy. Orbiters orbiting Mars can only see clearly from high altitudes up to a limit. At the same time, it is not possible for the rover to go to all corners of the surface. In such a situation, you need a rotorcraft capable of flying to difficult places and taking high definition photos.

NASA helicopter will make its maiden flight

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