NASA Helicopter on Mars: NASA Helicopter Ingenuity on Mars: The NASA helicopter completes its flight to Mars

Along with the search for life on the Red Planet, the Ingenuity helicopter, which went to test rotorcraft technology, took another milestone. The helicopter, which flew for the first time on a planet other than Earth, made 10 flights and thus traveled a total distance of one mile (1.2 km). The agency said its 10th theft was the most complex yet.

Ingenuity has selected the area named “Raised Ridges” for the 10th flight. Meanwhile, the tallest height of 12 was also hit. After the flight, the helicopter landed at Seventh Airfield, 95 meters west of its take-off area. He spent 165.4 seconds in the air. Ingenuity’s “exploration” helps the Perseverance rover decide what to do next.

Access to dangerous places
Earlier, on the 9th flight, the helicopter had spent 2 minutes and 46 seconds in the air. For this, he crossed an area called ‘Séítah. It is difficult to navigate this place with the help of a rover. This is where rotorcraft technology comes in handy. Ingenuity is achieved where the eyes of the rover or orbiter cannot reach.

Indian student gave his name
Rotorcraft are needed on Mars because the invisible and unknown surface there is very rough. Orbiters rotating in the orbit of Mars can only see clearly up to a certain limit at high altitude. At the same time, it is not possible for the rover to reach every corner of the surface. In such a situation, such a rotorcraft is necessary, capable of flying in difficult places and taking high-definition photos. The name Ingenuity of 2 kg was given by Vanija Rupani, an Indian student, through a competition.

First helicopter to Mars, NASA’s Mars 2020 mission

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