NASA Helicopter Test Flight: Second Flight Test of NASA Helicopter Ingenuity: NASA Helicopter’s Second Flight to Mars

The US space agency NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter sent to Mars also passed its second test flight. The flight lasted 51.9 seconds and met more standards than last time. This time the helicopter reached greater height, greater length and more movement towards shore. The helicopter’s chief engineer, Bob Balaram, said that, according to data to date, the test went as planned and the previous computer modeling was accurate.

During this flight, ingenuity rose up to 5 meters and a movement of 2 meters towards the shore was observed. Howard Gripp, Ingenuity’s chief pilot, said: ‘The helicopter stopped, circled in one place, then turned to turn the camera in a different direction. Then I came back to the airfield and landed.
NASA made history on Mars, the first flight made by the Ingenuity helicopter
First flight at a height of 10 feet
Previously, the helicopter had reached an altitude of about 10 feet using its rotor during the first test flight. After that, he also slowly descended. NASA’s Ingenuity performed its entire flight autonomously. The Ingenuity helicopter took off from a makeshift helipad built in Jagero Crater on Mars. This is the first helicopter flight to a planet other than Earth. The mission was controlled by NASA’s California-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

This approximately 1.8 kg rotorcraft flew with its four carbon fiber blades. Whose blades can turn at 2400 revolutions per minute. This speed is about 8 times the rotational speed of helicopter blades on land. This was done because the atmosphere of Mars is 100 times thinner than that of Earth.

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Helicopter flew on Mars

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