NASA Image of Supermassive Black Hole: Tsunami Waves in NASA’s Supermassive Black Hole Image

US space agency NASA has released a photo of Black, named as the thriller “Sci-Fi”. In an Instagram post, NASA shared a photo of a massive black hole tsunami. NASA said that with the help of computer simulation, astrophysicists saw gas in deep space escaping from the effect of gravity from the supermassive black. In doing so, the gases form a shape similar to a tsunami.

NASA has reported that at precise distances where the supermassive black hole’s grip on surrounding matter is weakened, the spinning disc’s cold atmosphere can create ocean-like waves. When these waves interact with winds 10 times hotter than the sun, they form a spiral vortex shape that can travel up to 10 light years above the disk.

In the last photo there is a huge black hole hiding in the dust and there is also something strange about the gas nearby. High-energy X-rays from the disc surrounding the black hole interact with this gas and produce tsunamis (light blue waves on the disc) and Cormen Vortex Street in orange. NASA said: ÔÇťOther missions will provide more convincing evidence, but until then researchers will have to improve their models based on the data found so far.

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