nasa indian american: Indian American Raja Chari selected for NASA lunar missions: NASA selected the Indian American Raja Chari to send to the moon

NASA has selected a first team of 18 astronauts for their mission to send humans to the Moon in 2024. The particularity is that the Indo-American astronaut Rajachari is also part of this team. This Artemis team will also be working on other missions before her. Explain that NASA intends to send the first woman and the next man on Artemis Mission.

The family left Hyderabad

Vice President Mike Pence announced the team on Wednesday. Rajachari’s father left Hyderabad. He joined the Astronaut Corps in 2017. Colonel Rajachari received a BA in Astronautical Engineering and a Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics in the United States Air Force. The American Naval Test Pilot School graduate worked on the F-15E upgrade and then the F-35 development program before joining NASA.

Will prepare NASA

The astronauts on this team will prepare NASA for the lunar mission. Preparations will be made on this from next year. The human landing system is worked in collaboration with the agency’s business partner. Astronauts will be selected from this team who will be sent to the moon. Flight assignments for the astronauts will be announced later.

The team will be bigger

At present, international astronauts will be selected for this team later and then they will join it. NASA Administrator Jim Bidenstein said: “We are grateful for the support of the President and Vice President. Also with the support of the scientific objective, aeronautical research, technological development and human exploration of NASA. Chief Astronaut Pat Forrester said: “We have a lot of work to do before we return to the Moon and it will take hard work for the entire Astronaut Corps.”

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