nasa ingenuity helicopter: NASA sends part of the Wright brothers’ first plane with Ingenuity helicopter to Mars Mission: NASA sends part of the first plane with helicopter to Mars

The Perseverance rover that NASA sent to Mars will achieve many historic feats with it. The rover is accompanied by an Ingenuity helicopter which will be the first machine to fly on another planet. The peculiarity is that he also took with him part of the world’s first aircraft. Part of the fabric from the 1903 Wright Flyer is attached to this chopper.

Piece of muslin
Ingenuity will make its first flight on April 8. “It will be a Wright Brothers moment,” says Bobby Bronn, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for Planetary Science. Carillon Historical Park in Ohio, the home town of the Wright brothers, donated a pole-shaped piece of muslin to NASA. This part was previously placed at the bottom of the left wing of the aircraft.

Went to the moon
The first powered and controlled flight embarked Orville Wright on December 17, 1903, and took turns on four flights that day with Wilbur. This fabric is placed in a cable under the helicopter’s solar panel.

What is the helicopter job?
Ingenuity is currently under the rover and its protective shield has been removed. It will fly near the Jezero Crater landing site. Its job is to test this technology on other planets. If successful, it will help to visit missions where the rover or astronaut cannot go.

Video: NASA Launches Rover Perseverance to Mars, Now What?

Photo (AP, Wright Brothers Aircraft Company)

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