NASA Instagram: Galaxy 10 billion light years away Image from NASA’s Hubble Telescope: NASA shares image of galaxy 10 billion light years away

The powerful Hubble Space Telescope of the US space agency NASA has returned to work after a bad week. Hubble captured one by one of the spectacular and amazing images of the universe before it collapsed. NASA shared such a photo on Instagram and asked people what they saw in it?

NASA said the center of this image was captured by Hubble in the camera and is made up of a powerful gravitational lens. It is a process by which galaxies in the distant universe appear different, sometimes larger and sometimes curved. It happens when the light coming from the galaxy is twisted due to the gravity of an object in the middle.

In this image, a nearby cluster of galaxies has distorted light from a distant inactive galaxy. The old galaxy, about 10 billion light years away, is no longer forming new stars because it is running out of gas. Astronomers use gravitational lenses as a magnifying glass. With this, one can see such galaxies which are hard to reach for Hubble.

Many people called the gravitational lens in response to the message from NASA. At the same time, some people have said that by looking at the galaxy in the middle of such a vast universe, one can understand how small we are. Some people also expressed the hope that there could be another life somewhere in such a vast universe.

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