NASA Mars Flight Test Live: Where To Watch NASA Helicopter Ingenuity Flight Test On Mars Live

The US space agency NASA’s Ingenuity rover will now attempt its first flight to Mars on Wednesday April 14 instead of Sunday April 11. This will be the first test flight of a rotorcraft on a planet other than Earth. NASA will unveil the results of this flight a day later. This test can be viewed online and its results can also be tracked.

Safe chopper
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) provided information on this. It was said that based on data received on Friday evening, it was decided to postpone the flight test. The command sequence was quickly completed in his high-speed rotor spin test. This occurred when the flight computer switched from “pre-flight” mode to “flight” mode. JPL said the helicopter is safe and is in contact with the earth.

JPL reported that a watchdog timer monitors the sequence of commands and alerts the system if there is a problem. With this help, other processes are stopped and the system is protected. The chopper team is watching it and it has been decided to do the test at full speed later.

How to see
Ingenuity can be viewed on NASA TV, NASA’s smartphone app, website, as well as seven social media platforms. It can be seen on major NASA accounts as well as on JPL’s YouTube and Facebook page.

… then 90% mission successful
According to NASA, 90% of the mission would be successful if the helicopter was able to take off and travel a certain distance during the experimental flight. If it continues to operate even after a successful landing, four more flights will be tested. This is the test being carried out for the first time, so scientists are very excited about it and hope to learn something new every moment.

Helicopter on mars

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