NASA Mars Lander: NASA’s Mars Insight Mission Faces a Threat: Threat to NASA’s Mars Mission

The US space agency NASA’s InSight lander has spent more than two and a half years on Mars. Now her condition is slowly deteriorating. In fact, dust from Mars has started to collect on it. Due to the accumulation of dust on the solar panels installed in the lander, its electricity production decreases. This posed a threat to the mission which was to run until the end of 2022.

This lander was collecting data on the seismic activity of Mars. However, now due to lack of potency, it may be necessary to terminate it earlier. Since arriving in 2018, it generated 5,000 watts of electricity per hour, which has now grown to 700 watts. The team hoped that the dust would also be removed because of the winds, but that did not happen.

The team also tried removing it from the lander’s robotic arm, which increased power output slightly, but it wasn’t enough. Mars is also moving away from the Sun, which will also cause solar energy to decrease. It will last for two months and after that the energy should increase.

Will he be able to withstand the cold nights?
Some work on the lander was also stopped for lower energy consumption. By shutting down science operations, the lander will be able to save enough energy to keep warm on the cold winter nights of Mars. Temperatures here can be as low as -130 degrees Fahrenheit (-90 degrees Celsius) at night. In 2018, the InSight lander, which landed at a place called Elysium Planitia, detected 500 earthquakes, observed more than 10,000 dust storms, and began measuring the core of the Red Planet.

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