NASA Moon Oscillation Study: NASA Study Reveals Flood Warning Due to Global Warming and Moon Oscillation in the 2030s

In 2019, there were more than 600 high tide floods on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of America coast. This number was considered worrying in itself, but it is now possible that a more serious situation may arise. For the first time, a study has been conducted on flooding caused by changes in the oceans and atmosphere, and according to this, their number will increase in all cities of the United States by the mid-2030s. One of the reasons behind this is the rise in sea level, but along with this, the moon cycle is said to be responsible for this as well. every day there will be floods

The NASA Sea Level Change Science Team at the University of Hawaii has completed this new study. It has been found that the high tide will cross the level considered normal so far in many parts of the country. It has also been found that these incidents sometimes last for months and occur in large numbers. The interesting thing is that its base has been informed of the positions of the moon, earth and sun. According to the NASA report, “when the moon and the sun are in a particular line with each other and depending on the sun, then due to the effect of gravity on the oceans, the inhabitants of the city ​​face flooding every day or every other day. (Credits: Hawaii Sea Grant King Tides Project)

Heavy flood damage

“The risk of sea level rise in low areas and the potential for flood damage could be more severe,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. He said due to the moon’s gravity, sea level rise and climate change, the incidence of flooding in coastal areas around the world will increase. Using the data already available, we can try to prepare for it. Phil Thompson, principal investigator of the study and assistant professor at the University of Hawaii, says flooding at high tide brings less water, but if it occurs 10 to 15 times a month, normal life will be disrupted , the job will not be performed. , jobs and health will be threatened.

Why would the danger be serious?

One of the main reasons for these conditions is the wobbling moon, according to NASA. It takes 18.6 years to complete. Although this is not the first time, its impact will be more damaging due to the rise in sea level due to climate change. In this 18.6 year cycle of the moon, half the time, the high tide is lower than normal and the low tide is more than normal and in the other middle, the high tide increases more while the tide bass decreases further. The moon is currently in this second middle and by the time it happens again in the middle of 2030, the sea level will have risen significantly.

The ocean of life of 3 billion people in the world, will Mumbai drown?

The ocean of life of 3 billion people in the world, will Mumbai drown?

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