NASA now sends mission to Venus to explore Earth’s evil twin for the first time in 30 years

The planet Venus, nicknamed the “twin sister” of the Earth, has always attracted humans. After having conquered Mars, the American space agency NASA now wants to unveil the secrets of Venus. After nearly 30 years, NASA will send two new spacecraft to Venus. These two missions will cost around $ 500 million. It is believed that these two missions will be dispatched within the next 10 years.

NASA Chief Administrator Bill Nelson said these two missions have been named DAVINCI + and VERITAS. NASA said in a statement: “The objective of these missions is to understand the planet Venus, in order to discover that despite its many characteristics like Earth, this planet has become hell.” The agency said Venus may be the first planet in the solar system where people can live and have oceans and a climate like Earth.

The space agency said the DAVINCI + spacecraft will assess the atmosphere of the planet Venus and try to find out how it formed. He will also find out if this planet has ever had an ocean like Earth. This vehicle will attempt to detect important gases like helium, neon and krypton in the atmosphere of Venus. Earlier in 2020, scientists claimed that phosphine gas was discovered on Venus. However, later this claim did not turn out to be true.

The DAVINCI + spacecraft will also send high-resolution images of an area called the continent of Venus. NASA has stated that through this an attempt will be made to find out why the planet Venus has become so hot. NASA had already launched Project Pioneer and Project Magellan in 1978. The Magellan spacecraft reached Venus in August 1990 and continued to operate until 1994.

NASA’s second vehicle, VERITAS, will map the surface of the planet Venus. I will try to trace its geological history to find out why this planet evolved so differently from Earth. He will retrace the evolution of the surface using Radar and prepare a 3D map. This will make it possible to know whether volcanic activity is still taking place on the planet Venus or not.

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