NASA plan of Yellowstone: Yellowstone volcano rock with earthquakes NASA plan to save the earth from eruption: earthquake of 105 earthquakes in Yellowstone volcano

Yellowstone, one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes in the United States, suffered 105 earthquakes. These tremors increased the tension of the experts. According to earthquake tracking, a total of 105 earthquakes occurred during the Yellowstone Volcano month and the National Park area in March. From these, three times, large-scale water came out of the volcanoes. Experts say activities on Yellowstone volcano are up to standard, but locals are scared inside. They fear that the volcano could erupt at any time. Meanwhile, the US space agency NASA has started preparations to deal with the explosion of the volcanic volcano …

Why are there so many earthquakes near the Yellowstone volcano?

The USGS estimates that the explosion will not occur in Yellowstone, but there are still frequent earthquakes in this area. Yellowstone experiences approximately 3,000 earthquakes each year. The month of March of this year was marked by earthquakes. A total of 105 tremors were felt in one month. The USGS reported that the biggest shock came on March 3, and its intensity on the Richter scale was 2.4. Light shocks range from -0.1 to 1.8 on the Richter scale. Not only that, on March 3, March 18 and March 27 of this year, large-scale water came out of the Steamboat Gayasser. This year, a total of 7 times water has been released from Yellowstone. The Steamboat Gayasser is the hallmark of the American National Park. USGS experts say Yellowstone won’t explode in volcanoes for several thousand years. However, he did not rule out hydrothermal explosions in the volcanoes of Yellowstone. However, some scientists also claim that Yellowstone has been under pressure for millions of years under volcanoes. He said if the heat under the volcano continued to increase, the volcano would start to boil and the rocks inside the ground would start to melt. In the meantime, scientists at NASA have started to prepare to avoid it.

NASA made a big plan to save her from Yellowstone

NASA scientists have started working on their plan to stop the Mahavismot in the Yellowstone volcano. NASA’s plan is to cool down whenever the temperature rises in this volcano. In fact, for any volcanic eruption, it is heated first. It starts in the heart of the Earth and one day it turns into a massive explosion. This volcano produces heat equivalent to 6 industrial power plants each year. About 30 percent of that heat stays indoors. In this case, NASA scientists plan to cool the yellow stone. Under this, there are plans to dig several wells around Yellowstone. These wells will be the deepest in the world, reaching 10 km below the surface. Scientists plan to cool the water through these wells so that rocks near the magma chamber can be cooled. It will be the same way that water or coolant is added to cool the car. Another advantage of this will be that the water that will be poured will be heated up to 340 degrees Celsius, which will allow the electric generator to run and create electricity. It is estimated at a total of three and a half billion dollars. This represents 20% of the total NASA budget.

Yellowstone has been sleeping for 6 million years, it can explode at any time

Yellowstone exploded three times in volcanoes 21 lakh ago, 13 lakh and 6 lakh 40 thousand years ago. In such a situation, people are also afraid that the explosion of volcanoes will happen under a cycle, and it could happen at any time. Many people on US social media claim that the Yellowstone volcano is sitting on a time bomb and can surprise the world at any time. Researchers say that if propelled into Yellowstone, it could lead to the most terrible disaster in human history. A cloud full of ash so thick will arise from this Mahavishphot that all the earth will be covered with it. According to the USGS, lava and other material emanating from the explosion can be found at a depth of several miles. Will Yellowstone explode soon? On this, scientists say it’s less likely, but the market for speculation on Twitter is hot and people are raising various questions.

Yellowstone explodes, ashes will rise like Everest, instant death of 90,000

NASA scientists predict that if Yellowstone explodes, it will cause disaster on Earth. 90,000 people will die in one stroke. At the same time, there will be so much ash in the sky that it will be even higher than Mount Everest. For this reason, sunlight will not be able to come to the earth for many decades. This will cause global temperatures to drop and plants will die. Agriculture will end. The United Nations estimates that food for the whole world will end in just two months. Ash and gas will fill the whole atmosphere and the plane will not be able to fly. The volcanic eruption will cause the sulfur dye oxide to reach the atmosphere on a very large scale. This will cause the sulfur aerosol to rise and reflect the sunlight and swallow it inside.

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