NASA Pratima Roy photo with Hindu gods and goddesses sparks controversy on twitter

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NASA Indian intern Pratima Rai furious for posting photo with Hindu goddesses While raising, a large number of people support Washington
Indian-born intern Pratima Rai from the US space agency NASA created a ruckus after posting a new photo featuring Hindu deities. NASA posted this photo on Twitter inviting people from around the world to apply for internships. There are also pictures of many more interns in this photo. While a lot of people question the scientific thinking of NASA in this image, there are a lot of people calling it the freedom to follow their religion.

In the image released by NASA, the statue is seen with idols and photos of Rai Devi Saraswati, Goddess Durga, Lord Ram-Sita. A Shiva Linga is also kept there. A laptop is placed near the statue in which the NASA logo is visible. The NASA logo is also made on the fabric of the statue. After this photo was posted, a lot of people started making fun of NASA. Not only that, many people also started to make fun of Hindu deities by tweeting.

16,000 people liked the photo
After that, a large number of people tweeted to support the statue’s right to practice religion. A user named SkinDoctor wrote that those who laugh at this picture would like to say that hijab, polygamy, child marriage are respected in the name of the freedom to choose, but if a Hindu woman follows her religion then that is. call an idiot. Your favoritism will make the woman stronger. So far, over three thousand people have retweeted this message from NASA and around 16 thousand people have liked it. There have been over a thousand comments.

Do you know who Pratima Roy is?
Indian-born sisters Pratima and Pooja Rai are software engineering interns at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. Both are studying at the New York City College of Technology. In a blog, NASA asked them both questions about their experiences. Pratima said she completely believed in God. He said that “whatever we do, God is watching and dreams can really come true”.

Both are associated with special NASA missions.
Pooja has been doing a remote internship at the research center since early 2020. She is working on a project related to NASA’s Moon to Mars mission and its Artemis program. They have weekly meetings every week. He said he learned a lot from his mentors. Pratima specializes in computer engineering technology. She learns artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and biomimicry.

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